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This research project aims at the development, analysis and software implementation of mathematical models for multiscale applications on hybrid architectures. Large scale multiscale applications are indeed within reach with the emerging computing infrastructures, but they require accurate and robust multiscale numerical methods that take into account these new architectures. This is very challenging as current software were not designed for these methods and architectures. As a matter of fact, scientists and engineers need to manage 
  1. the complexity of the underlying multiscale models, usually expressed in terms of a partial differential equation (PDE) system completed with algebraic closure laws,
  2. the complexity of numerical methods used to solve the PDE systems, and finally
  3. the complexity of the low level computer science services required to have efficient software on modern hybrid hardware (e.g. multicore CPU/GPU). 
Robust and effective multiscale methods as well as advanced programming techniques need to be combined to fully benefit from massively parallel architectures (implementation of parallelism, memory handling, design of connections). Moreover, the above methodologies and technologies become more and more sophisticated and too complex to be handled only by physicists.

Project Objectives

The HAMM project objectives are to provide
  • a selection of challenging large scale multiscale applications,
  • the development of multiscale numerical methods,
  • their implementation on hybrid architectures within an innovative programming and runtime environment,
  • the evaluation of the computational efficiency (including load balancing and benchmarking), the validation and verification of the resulting codes.

Project Funding

This project is funded by the french national research agency (ANR). The ANR funds in particular
  • 3 Phd thesis, two fully and one jointly with the FNRAE (project RB4FASTSIM)
  • a two year postdoctorate position
  • several workshops
  • a participation to the hybrid computer equip@meso Grenoble

News from HAMM

  • HAMM at the Rencontres du Numérique April 17-18 The HAMM project will be present at the "Recontres du Numérique"  organized by ANR at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrieon April 17 and 18 2013.HAMM will ...
    Posted Apr 17, 2013, 3:33 AM by Christophe Prud'homme
  • Feel++ awarded 60 000 000 core hours by Prace 6th call It is my pleasure to announce that HP-Feel++ (High Performance Feel++) has been awarded 60 000 000 core hours on SUPERMUC (GAUSS@LRZ,Germany)[1] by the PRACE 6th ...
    Posted Feb 27, 2013, 2:50 AM by Christophe Prud'homme
  • Feel++ selected for the MesoChallenge in Grenoble and Strasbourg (Equip@Meso) Feel++ has been selected for the MesoChallenge in Strasbourg. We have proposed a project associated to our work in blood flow, blood flow rheology and high field magnets and we ...
    Posted Feb 27, 2013, 2:52 AM by Christophe Prud'homme
  • Feel++ @ Rencontres INRIA-Industrie in Strasbourg on biomedical applications Feel++ will be present in the Rencontres INRIA Industrie showroom at the AMIES stand. The demo will be about Blood Flow Simulation.We present simulations of blood flows in complex ...
    Posted Nov 19, 2012, 1:25 PM by Christophe Prud'homme
  • Feel++ now on the TGCC Feel++, one of the software library developed in the context of HAMM, is now ported and works on the TGCC.Scalability results and applications are on the way.
    Posted Jun 26, 2012, 5:51 AM by Christophe Prud'homme
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